Glass is where it's at

And not just any glass – SQUIREME is crafted out of lightweight, lab-quality, borosilicate glass. "But won't it break if I drop it?" we hear you ask. Yes, of course it will. So add it to your list of things you don't want to drop – smartphone, pizza, grandma, SQUIREME. Besides, no matter what you put inside, it'll never taste like glass because glass doesn't taste like anything, doesn't break down over time, and doesn't need to be coated, so you won't end up drinking a bunch of chemicals. It's just glass. And glass is good.

Heavy on design, light everywhere else

Everything about SQUIREME is designed to make it easy to carry. Its thin silicone sleeve means it's soft and grippy in all the right places, and underneath it's got all the right curves. The cap on top feels like it was designed around your hand alone (how did we know?) and the whole thing is delightfully light and easy to clean. It doesn't hurt that it looks the business, and there's a color to match every style. Especially yours.


Nothing feels as good as banishing plastic bottles from your life forever. Knowing that you'll leave less of a trace as you move through the world isn't just a cool thing to Instagram – it's the right way to live. And let's not forget the ecology of you. With your easy-drinking companion always at your side, you'll take in more fluids all day long. Nature will high-five you for it.